Provimed 50 mg

Provimed 50 mg

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  • Form: tablets
  • Dosage: 50 mg/tab
  • QTY in box: 60 tablets
  • Active substanse: Mesterolonum
  • Categories: Aromatase Inhibitors
  • Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Trade name: Provimed, Mesterolone
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What is Providem?

Provimed is one of the oldest steroids. Its creator is considered to be the Schering company, whose specialists in 1934 first deduced the drug's formula for medical purposes. Mesterolone began its existence along with two other PEDs: Methyltestosterone (in 1935) and Testosterone propionate (in 1937). These drugs were widely known and therefore better remembered than the less popular Provimed. This is likely due to the fact that Methyltestosterone and Testosterone Propionate were both highly potent PEDs, while Provimed did not have similar benefits.

Provimed application

Provimed is considered a very old drug, it has stood the test of time and is still known for its impressive efficacy. This product is distinguished by its safety and surprising patient tolerance. It is used to treat older men with low androgen levels and impaired libido. The drug has also been used effectively to combat male infertility.

The ability of Provimed to increase reproductive functions is described in specialized literature. In standard therapeutic doses, it practically does not inhibit endogenous gonadotropins (LH and FSH) and does not lead to the inception of temporary infertility, as other PEDs may do. In some researches, there is a misconception that Provimed increases LH (luteinizing hormone), but in fact it is unable to do so. Nonetheless, research has demonstrated that Provimed provides the androgenic results required for spermatogenesis in specific areas of the testicles.

Provimed effects

The drug is a modified derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), obtained by adding a methyl group to its first carbon (1-methyl dihydrotestosterone). As mentioned earlier, it is a low-potency anabolic, which is why Provimed is almost always called an androgen (or androgenic steroid). The drug has a similar property with its parent compound (DHT) - once it gets into muscle tissue, it is rapidly metabolized and decomposed into inactive metabolites.

This is the age-old problem of DHT - as soon as it enters the muscles, the enzyme 3-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (present in muscle tissue at a very high concentration) binds to it and makes it inactive, converting DHT into a compound that has no particular anabolic properties. This is the reason for the low anabolic strength of the drug.

A commonly known advantage of Provimed is its anti-estrogenic ability. It should be kept in mind, however, that as an aromatase inhibitor, similar properties of Provimed have been compared to Arimidex, although in fact the effect of it is not so significant.

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