SP Tropin (HGH) 10 IU

SP Tropin (HGH) 10 IU

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HGH – rejuvenation, restoration and expansion

HGH exists in 2 varieties: crystalline - from the pituitary gland of animals (discovered in 1944) and human (STH) - discovered 12 years later. STH quickly showed itself in sports: in 1974, a sprinter from Italy (Mennea) was caught using STH, and soon other athletes.

The hormone produced by the human pituitary gland is a polypeptide of 191 amino acid residues. The intensity of hormone synthesis is associated with a person's age. The maximum level of HGH in the body is reached during puberty.

Interesting fact. Nighttime secretion of STH is 3 times higher than daytime. That is why any disturbances in sleep at night reduce the synthesis of the hormone.

HGH effects

The body's own HGH synthesized stimulates the development of the skeletal structure, organs, activates the growth of body weight. Somatotropin itself acts in three directions:

  • Creates the optimal level of elements in the blood for growth (carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids, etc.);
  • Enhances the production of growth factors;
  • It has an effect on tissues with HGH receptors.

Important! Experimental studies (with clinical confirmation) of the effect of GH were carried out in dozens of countries. But, no one has researched its effectiveness in sports (in open sources).

Until the 80s, natural somatotropin was known. This substance was obtained exclusively from the pituitary gland of corpses. But after the connection of the drug with a dangerous and extremely rare pathology (Creutzfeldt-Jakob) leading to death was discovered in 1985, they began to gradually withdraw it from production.

Now somatotropin is produced mainly by synthetic means and is recombined (by genetic engineering). The last option is considered the highest quality of all.

HGH administration

GH preparations are sold in the form of a powder in glass vials. The set includes a solution (more often Novocain, sometimes sterile water). A ready-made solution of HGH should be injected immediately (storage duration does not exceed 24 hours).


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