Turanabol 10 mg

Turanabol 10 mg

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  • Form: tablets
  • Dosage: 10 mg/tab
  • QTY in box: 100 tablets x 10 mg
  • Active substanse: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
  • Categories: Oral Steroids
  • Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Trade name: Turanabol, Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
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Turanabol – more Effective, less Harmful


Turanabol gained popularity among professional and novice bodybuilders in recent decades. They use Turanabol for the high-quality muscle building it gets them. Reviews of Turanabol 10 mg indicate that the amount of gained weight will be small. However, it is important to not that the result will remain nearly intact even after completing the course. Turanabol does not retain water; therefore, you grow muscles – pure and harmless. A significant increase in strength and endurance in athletes is yet another benefit of Turanabol that is also worth considering.

Turanabol Anabolic Effect

Turanabol 10 mg has grown significantly in reputation among professionals in recent years. The androgenic effect of the drug is relatively weak, but Turanabol is a drug with a considerable advantage in the anabolic impact. If you depict a scale from 1 to 100, then the drug's androgenic effect will take the sixth position, and the anabolic effect will occupy the fifty-fourth position. If we compare Turanabol and Danabol, Danabol will take 43 positions on the androgenic scale and 90 on the anabolic scale.

Comparing these results, it is not difficult to guess that Danabol is a more active steroid by its nature than Turanabol, but, despite this, Turanabol can lead to serious results in a small amount of time. Most often, Turanabol 10 mg is used to build lean body mass and strength, without water retention, which most often occurs from Danabol and Testosterone.

Turanabol Dosage

Unlike other PEDs, the Turanabol effects depend on the daily dosage, which should average 20-50 mg. Athletes not exceeding 90 kg should not take more than four tablets per day, as this can seriously affect their health, and in other cases, in bodybuilding, it is allowed to take up to 8-10 tablets daily.

When taking ten tablets per day, athletes significantly boost muscle growth, strength, and all this without any water retention. Powerlifters and security officials prefer these features, and this is why Turanabol is considered the most widespread and high-quality drug for them. To improve the result of the course, it is recommended to combine the drug with Parabolan. This combination allows athletes in the pre-competition period to do without cutting food in the athlete's diet and without taking fat burning drugs.

Turanabol Doping Tests

Many athletes wonder how long it takes Turanabol to be excreted from the body, which is the main advantage of the drug. The drug will be withdrawn in five days after the end of the course, plus in five more days, any doping test will show a negative result.


You can buy Turanabol online from a certified vendor right now! 100% quality is guaranteed. And remember – when it comes to Turanabol Balkan Pharma, as well as any other PEDs, it’s always important to pick a licensed product!


06 January 2021

They say you can’t get a potent enough effect with Turanabol alone. Dunno about them – my biceps is bigger than ever before! Excellent service btw.


17 December 2020

With my fear of syringes, I’d much rather try an oral PED, so Turanabol was an obvious choice for me. Package was delivered right on time and discreetly – nothing more to add here.


04 December 2020

Way to go BP! Got my first order delivered just now. So excited to try it. Heard a lot about Turanabol and its benefits but never tried it myself. As far as customer service goes – no questions asked here.

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