Turanabol Solo Course

Turanabol Solo Course

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Turanabol Solo







40 mg/per day



40 mg/per day



40 mg/per day



40 mg/per day



40 mg/per day



40 mg/per day




100 mg/per day



100 mg/per day



50 mg/per day


168 pcs (2 box)

35 pcs (1 box)


Turanabol solo cycle effects


  • No side effects such as: gynecomastia or high blood pressure.
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Minimum “rollback” after the course, or no rollback at all
  • From 5 kilograms of dry, high-quality muscle mass without fat and fluid retention in the body (the amount of meat collected, primarily depends on nutrition)

Turanabol solo administration

The course of Turanabol solo is calculated based on the optimal cycle time for this drug which amounts to 6-8 weeks, as well the optimal dosage to obtain the maximum result - 40 mg.
The daily dosage is divided into two parts.
The first 2 tablets are taken in the morning, before or after meals.
The second part is taken in the afternoon, after 10-12 hours, after taking the first part of the PED.
Turanabol intake does not depend on training time.


Turanabol solo PCT


Post-cycle therapy after a cycle of Turanabol begins 24 hours after taking the last pill.
For PCT, after a cycle of Turanabol for 6-8 weeks, 35 Clomed tablets are more than enough. You start by taking 100mg per day on the 7th week, after you are done with the cycle and then, on the 8th week, you lower the dosage to 50mg per day.
It is imperative to buy vitamins and also take them on the PCT. After you stop taking Clomed, you can use any testosterone booster.

How can you enhance Turanabol solo cycle?

For the best possible results, you should consume at least 1.5 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. And at least 4-5 grams of carbohydrates.
In conditions of not enough protein and carbohydrates (energy), the cycle of Turanabol solo will be of little effect, or you will not notice the result at all!
If you are having difficulty reaching your daily protein intake, we recommend that you buy at least the cheapest protein. Such a purchase will help you to significantly increase the effectiveness of the course.
Also, be sure to purchase a vitamin complex, which you should take throughout the cycle and on the PCT.

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