16 March 2021

Pure gold! I wasn’t sure what cycle I needed in the first place, but guys from Balkan Power gave me all the help I needed to make the right choice. And by the way, their shipping is totally lighting fast. My package came in early, which really surprised me in a good way.


15 February 2021

Let me tell you something – these guys are pretty awesome! The best thing about them is the fact that they are selling certified products, straight from the manufacturer. And mind you – one of the very best manufacturers on the market. Makes sense to trust them.


09 February 2021

Kudos to the guys from BP for sending my steroids to me so fast! I mean, they were all extremely helpful from the get go. Initially, they helped me figure out what steroids I needed in the first place – in their live chat, so I was able to make the right call.


27 January 2021

Nice guys – Balkan Power is there every step of the way. From helping you select theright products to offering the best administration instructions.


20 January 2021

Pretty satisfied with the service. My package got to me in time for my bulking cycle, so I never felt stronger. And pretty soon, too.


18 January 2021

Balkan Power is the right store if you are looking for all kinds of PEDs. Whether for bulking or cutting – there’s something for everyone. And I’m talking from experience here.


08 January 2021

The guys from Balkan Power helped me get an affordable combination of PEDs that allowed me to finally progress. Kudos guys and keep up the good work!


06 January 2021

Great service and excellent products. Got my package pretty quick, all things considered. You know what I’m talking about. Anyways, ttook my training to the next level.


27 December 2020

Pretty awesome guys – helpful and friendly. No questions asked, no strings attached. Simple as that. Balkan Power FTW!


22 December 2020

Balkan Power helped me find the right products for my cutting cycle. It was important for me to get that slight push towards reaching my goal – 8-10% of body fat. Well. guess who’s cut as all hell now!


20 December 2020

Needed to bulk up a bit and so was hoping to find a comprehensive assortment of PEDs. Was pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of options and the prices are pretty affordable, too.


17 December 2020

Yeah, the guys from Balkan Power are reliable. I mean, with all the commotion caused by the pandemic and whatnot, I was expecting substantial delays but I do need to handle it to them – my package arrived right on time!


14 December 2020

Kudos to BP for helping me get certified products. Wasn’t sure at first but once I found out they are the official Balkan Pharmaceuticals distributor, I decided to give them a shot. Never regretted a thing.


08 December 2020

So I just got off my first course. It was a solo one. Yeah, didn’t expect much, but the results I got are very impressive! Kudos Balkan Power, keep up the good work!


06 December 2020

With all the pandemic-ish commotion, I’m experiencing regular shipment issues with other online stores. That’s not an issue for Balkan Power – always on time, always the first to answer. Gym rats salute you!


04 December 2020

First timer here. Yeah, I was lucky enough to find Balkan Power. They actually deliver on their promise and I got my package in no time at all – no strings attached!


03 December 2020

If you want to buy roids, you better do it from a supplier you can trust. Seeing how the guys from Balkan Power are working directly with the BP manufacturer, I say it’s a pretty safe bet.


30 November 2020

The guys from Balkan Power, u’re the best! Been looking for a reliable vendor, cause you know how it goes these days. Got myself some Danabol pills. Lemme tell y’all – this stuff turns you into a machine! Kudos!


10 November 2020

Everything is very cool! I received the product in a short time, and I am satisfied with the quality.

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